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New CMM Machine!

Nov. 04, 2019

A new Coordinate Measuring Machine appears in Kunshan Baichuan

In order to further control the parts precision,Kunshan Baichuan Precision Parts Co.,Ltd. ordered a new Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) one month ago and it is finally installed and tested on October 21,2019. A week later,this CMM is officially put into use

CMM is design to achieve multifunction measurement,such as dimensional accuracy, positionaI accuracy,geometric accuracy and Contour Accuracy.It means the products accuracy will be strictly in accordance with the design drawing with a CMM to do QC.

Kunshan Baichuan Precision Parts Co.,Ltd. mainly provides CNC machining service,mold design and production. We can process aluminum / steel / brass / copper / plastic / wood / carbon fiber / etc.

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New CMM Machine!

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