Kunshan Baichuan Precision Parts Co., Ltd. Kunshan Baichuan Precision Parts Co., Ltd.


2006 In the middle of 2006, a design company called Baichuan was founded by Mr. Sean,which provides reverse engineering service for many companies and Mr. Sean’s excellent ability to design various complex product shape won great admiration in this industry.


2007 At the end of 2006, Baichuan has its first CNC machining center and since then,it began its custom processing career while designing service is still available...


2008 In 2008, another CNC machining center arrived at Baichuan’s manufacturing career is booming.


2012 In 2012,as the business flourished,more machines and more workers come to Baichuan,and Mr. Sean is no longer satisfied with domestic business,he started to take orders from overseas market.


2018 In 2018, Mr. Sean bought 2 new lathe machines, it is a sign that Baichuan is stepping onto a diversified factory. We witness the development of Baichuan Precision Parts Co., Ltd.

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